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Tibet is indeed a very rich and beautiful land, located on the highest plateau on Earth at an average altitude over 4000 meter. It is nowadays the South west frontier of China. Within its borders there are more than fifteen peaks above 7000 m. among which eleven are over 8000m. It borders with Sichuan, Yunnan, Qinghai and Xinjiang; in the North, Nepal, India, Sikkim, Bhutan Burma and Kashmir form its Southern borders. The Tibet Autonomous Region with a population of over two million covers an area of 1.2 million sq. km.

Tibet has a long and complex history, written records have survived from the 7th Century A.D. however it is known that nomadic tribes populated Tibet as early as the 2nd Century B.C. and discoveries suggest a much longer history of human kind...More recent times have seen the invasion of China in 1959 and the inevitable dilution of Tibetan culture. Tibet however has proved over the years since, that its way of life has been able to withstand this influence. Power of thought and life itself overcoming the modern ravages of politics.

The journey to unlock the complexities posed by this arid mass of discovery (almost the size of Europe) begins with probably the most dramatic flight in the world. From Kathmandu, you journey the huge backbone of the High Himalayas to land deep in the heart of the Tibetan plateau. A further two hours drive by road through barren wilderness Lhasa, the capital and home to the famous Potala Palace unfolds. Lhasa remains the major focus of Buddhist worship anywhere in the world, a place for the traveler to cast away any preconceptions he or she may have and join in Tibet's journey of discovery along the way... at least for a while.

Geographically Tibet can be divided into three parts; the East, the South and the North. The Eastern part is forest region which occupies around 25% of Tibet. The Southern part is open grassland occupying almost a half of Tibet. The Southern and Central region is an agricultural region occupying the rest of Tibet as well as containing all the major cities Lhasa, Gyantse, Shigatse, Gyatsa, and Tsedang . This area is also considered as the cultural center of Tibet and Buddhism.

Mt. Kailash Tour

Day 01: Drive Kathmandu to Nyalamu(3800m) 165 km /8 hrs.
Day 02: Drive Nyalamu to Paigutso( 4850m) 221 km/ 7-8 hrs.
Day 03: Drive Paigutso to Saga(4640m) 115 km /6-7 hrs.
Day 04: Drive Saga to Paryang (4540m) 185km/7-8 hrs.
Day 05: Drive Paryang to Darchen(4700m) 290km /7-8 hrs.
Day 06: Start Kailash round to Dira Puk(4909m) 18 km/7-8 hrs trek.
Day 07: Continue over Domala pass (5650m) to Zuthul Puk 22 km 7-8 hrs.
Day 08: End Kailash round near darchen(4700m) 14km/3-4 hour
Day 09: Full Day excurssion to Lake Mansarovar.
Day 10: Drive Lake mansarovar to Paryang94540m) 277km/7-8 hrs
Day 11: Drive from Paryang to Saga(4840m) 185km/8 hrs.
Day 12: Drive from Saga to Paigutso(4850m)-115km 6-7 hrs
Day 13: Drive from Paigutso to Nyalamu
Day 14: Drive from Nyalamu to Kathmandu.
Day 15: Kathmandu Sightseeing tour.
Day 16: Departure.

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Simikot to Mt. Kailash tour

Day 01:
Arrival Kathmandu - transfer hotel - tour briefing
Day 02 & 03: At leisure in Kathmandu
Day 04: Transfer airport - Fly Nepalgunj - transfer hotel
Day 05: Transfer airport - fly Simikot - commence trek Tuling
Day 06: Tuling to Kermi (2530m)
Day 07: Kermi to Yangar (3040m)
Day 08: Yangar to Yari (3240m)
Day 09: Trek over Nara-La (4620m) then descend to Hilsa (3300m)
Day 10: Cross the border - trek to Khojarnath (3590m) - finish trek
Day 11: Khojarnath - Purang (Taklakot -3770m). overnight camp
Day 12: Purang - Lake Mansarovar (Chiu Gomba- 4550m)
Day 13: Lake Manasarovar - Darchen (4520m)
Day 14: Rest at Darchen (4520m)
Day 15: Trek to Dera Phuk (4860m) - trekking around Mt. Kailash
Day 16: Dera Phuk to Zutul Phuk (4760m) - trekking around Mt. Kailash
Day 17: Finish trekking around Mt. Kailash and drive to Horaa (Lake Manasarovar)
Day 18: Lake Manasarovar - Paryang
Day 19: Paryang - Saga (4600m)
Day 20: Saga - Nyalam (3750m)
Day 21: Nyalam - Zhang-Mu - Kathmandu
Day 22: Kathmandu sightseeing tour.
Day 23: Departure.

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Lhasa - Mt. Kailash Lake Manasarovar - Khasgar Tour

Day 01: Fly Kathmand - Lhasa (3650 m.)
Day 02: Lhasa tour
Day 03: Lhasa tour
Day 04: Drive, Lhasa - Gyantse (3950 m.)
Day 05: Gyantse - Shigatse (3900 m.)
Day 06: Shigatse - Lhatse (3950 m.) via Sakya monastery
Day 07: Lhatse - Saga (4600 m.)
Day 08: Saga - Paryang (4540 m.)
Day 09: Paryang - Lake Manasarovar (4550 m.)
Day 10: Lake Manasarovar - Darchen (4630 m.)
Day 11: Drive to Darboche (4660 m.) then trek to Driraphuk Gomba (4860 m.)
Day 12: Cross over Dolma-La then continue trek to Zhutulphuk Gomba (4760 m.)
Day 13: Finish trek and drive back to Darchen (4630 m.)
Day 14: Darchen - Tirthapuri (4330 M.)
Day 15: Tirthapuri - Tholing (3780 m.)
Day 16: Visit Tholing and Guge Kingdom
Day 17: Drive, Tholing - Shiquanhe (Gar)
Day 18: Drive, Shiquanhe - Ritok
Day 19: Drive, Ritok - Yecheng
Day 20: Drive, Yecheng - Kashgar
Day 21: Kashgar-Kathmandu
Day 22: Kathmandu Sightseeing tour.
Day 23: Departure.

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